Variable Pore Micro Filter (VPMF)

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Variable Pore Micro Filter (VPMF)

The VPMF system may be utilized over a wide range of applications such as

Purification Plants

  • The VPMF is capable of replacing conventional sand filters, cartridge filters and MF membrane systems.

Polluted Water Treatment

  • The VPMF is able to remove the SS, and to decrease the BOD after biological treatment.

Sewage Water Treatment

  • After biological treatment, the effluent from the VPMF systems can be utilized for irrigation purposes.

Waste Water Treatment

  • The levels of COD, BOD and SS are dramatically reduced by use of the VPMF.

Pre-treatment for Advanced Water Treatment

  • The VPMF may be utilized as pre-treatment formembrane systems, ion-exchange, ozone, activated carbon, and UV systems.

Removal of algae and other organisms

  • The VPMF has been found to provide excellent performance in removal of chlorophyceae in aquatic fish ponds, process water recirculation, cooling tower filtration, vehicle washing recirculation and numerous other raw water conditions.